Enrich Groups

First Christian Church believes that in order to become fully devoted disciples, we must grow closer to each other and to God. To do this we offer a selection of small groups that meet at various locations and times that gather together, study the Bible in focused teachings, pray and hold each other accountable. These are called Enrich Groups.

Benefits of Enrich Groups:

  • Foster close relationships and essential community
  • Provide a place of safety and comfort for those seeking a relationship with Jesus
  • Provide an ideal way to care for the needs of the people in the Body of Christ
  • Provide a way for disciples to be doers of their faith instead of just hearers
  • Can share in more focused prayer for one another
  • Provide a comfortable atmosphere for openness
  • Allow for mutual edification among disciples
  • Encourage different learning environments
  • Provide a source of encouragement and accountability
  • Help cultivate leadership

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